My buddy Jason, one of the Bayou Boys, was using your sauce to marinade and cooked the wild turkey he shot this weekend. He said, "Damn, this sauce is incredible." He couldn't get enough and apparently wanted to save some for later on his shirt:).  Good stuff Jaymo!  The people in Louisiana love it !

MattBaton Rouge, LA

Jaymo’s Classic All-Purpose barbeque sauce is simply delicious.  We mixed it in with a big pan of pulled pork at the office Christmas party and it was enjoyed by all!  The original recipe is neither too sweet nor too spicy.  Even if you already have a favorite barbeque sauce, I would encourage you to give Jaymo's a try.  I'm guessing that you'll then have a new favorite.

Gordon FiddesPeoria, IL

Jaymo's classic thick sauce is: Awesome. 
About a month ago, I made an old family recipe for meatloaf. Instead of using ketchup, I used the classic thick sauce. Boy, was I surprised. 
I could not believe how moist and tender the meat was. My first bite tasted as if the meat had gravy mixed in with it. Every subsequent bite had the same taste. 
The next night, I microwaved some more of the meatloaf. It turned out as moist as if I had just taken it out of the oven. It also retained the gravy type taste to it. 
No more ketchup for me. Only Jaymo's classic thick sauce.

Frank R. LoveridgePeoria, IL

Bought one of the first cases available of the classic sauce, gave bottles to family and friends in Illinois,Texas and Tennessee. Everyone loved it and have purchased more! At my house we go thru about a bottle a week! We put it on everything except cereal !!!!


Jaymo’s sauces have just the right blend of the sweet and spicy flavor which gives it a very unusual but delicious taste. it's excellent for marinating or just dipping any food such as vegetables fish or meat. IT'S GREAT !

StevePeoria, IL

Great on wings, Best I've had! Awesome dipping sauce as well.

Bob S.Dunlap, IL

Jaymo’s is so good, there are few meals at our house where Jaymo's isn't part of the food preparation or on the table, and we haven't reached the grilling season yet!

John HellerPeoria, IL

We tried the Jaymo's sauce on ribs and venison jerky. Both were excellent. One of my favorites is a dash on breakfast omelet. Try it. You won't be disappointed!

Bob StevensonMorton, IL

I tried a bottle of Jaymo's Classic sauce 3 weeks ago. I have to say I was skeptical having been in the Food Service Industry for the last 30 years but this product has real potential. The flavor profile is on the sweeter side and the aroma you get when it hits the heat is awesome. I've used it in a chicken recipe and used it as an add in for hamburgers......both were wonderful!!!!!

Brian FiddesChillicothe, IL

Jaymo's sauce is great because its consistency makes it ideal for dipping, basting or marinating and the natural flavors come through differently each way you use it!

Lane AlsterPeoria, IL

I love it it…it’s delicious and versatile.  I use it primarily on chicken and pork, love it on wings……It’s so good, I dip my potato chips in it.  I know that may sound strange, but you should try it sometime.

Judy PickensMackinaw, IL

I tried it, I loved it, I am humbled. I see why it's on a Supermarket shelf...good job. (sincerity included)

Greg G.

Completely in love with the sauce, thanks for doing what you do and making it a #dietitianschoice! Excited to bring it tailgating tomorrow! Go Hawks!

Hailey B.Iowa City, IA