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Over 20 years ago I, Jaymo, was working as a telecommunications executive and spent my time off in the kitchen, cooking and entertaining  friends and family. My desire was to use only the highest quality meats and fish and constantly was searching for the perfect sauce to compliment them. whether they were grilled, smoked, baked or seared. I quickly realized that no matter how good your steak, beef, chicken or fish are, they aren’t finished without THE SAUCE. Not putting a premium sauce with a premium meat is a disservice. After years of combining, testing, and perfecting, I finally formulated the blend of delicious flavors to make this vision come to life. Jaymo’s sauce combines over 20 of the best and freshest ingredients to bring your food to a whole different level.

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“ My buddy Jason, one of the Bayou Boys, was using your sauce to marinade and cooked the wild turkey he shot this weekend. He said, "Damn, this sauce is incredible." He couldn't get enough and apparently wanted to save some for later on his shirt:).  Good stuff Jaymo!  The people in Louisiana love it !

MattBaton Rouge, LA

Jaymo’s Classic All-Purpose barbeque sauce is simply delicious.  We mixed it in with a big pan of pulled pork at the office Christmas party and it was enjoyed by all!  The original recipe is neither too sweet nor too spicy.  Even if you already have a favorite barbeque sauce, I would encourage you to give Jaymo's a try.  I'm guessing that you'll then have a new favorite.

Gordon FiddesPeoria, IL

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